Thursday, May 6, 2010


The kiddies went off to grading for Karate this evening. They all always get nervous and excited before grading. Sadly I could not go and watch them as i have not been well this week. On their return, they were very happy that they had each passed! J is now red belt, K blue and Z green.
J has also spent much of the day getting ready to leave on the early morning flight, with hubby, to Johannesburg for a Karate competition that will be held on Saturday. This is the WSKF National Competition and he will be representing the Western Province. He will be competing in three events: Kumite (fighting) , Individual Kata and Team Kata. We hope he brings home a medal!
He has done well raising funds for this trip by selling raffle tickets for a dinner voucher at an Indian Restaurant and another for an advanced facial. Both prizes were generously donated by friends. Another friend in the hotel industry kindly organised complimentary accommodation. It is amazing to see how he has been blessed and it has all worked out.
I am feeling a little green as hubby is going with him on this trip and I will be home. I would love to be there, but right now it is not possible. They will be meeting up with dear friends tomorrow in Pretoria and their son is bunking school for the day so he can spend time with J. Would love to be there too! Anyway , I also look forward to time spent at home relaxing with the younger two.

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