Sunday, May 30, 2010

Let's go bowling!

The Chaeli Campaign heard on Friday, that their new NPO, The Chaeli Sports and Recreation Club, has just been registered as an NPO. Today we shared in the adventure of seeing how differently abled people can have fun with Ten Pin Bowling with their able bodied friends. It was a fantastic afternoon of great fun for all! Some of the differently abled players were in wheel chairs and one was even blind. He manged to do very well, coming first in his team!

Between their turns, all the players took turns to work on a commemorative art piece. A mosaic bird birth that will go up in the garden at the Chaeli Cottage.

Z and his team.

K and her team.

J and his team.

Chaeli surveying the lanes.

Lisa watches her ball racing down the lane.

Z waiting his turn.

By the end of the afternoon the bird bath was looking fantastic!
Fun was had by all.
I feel so blessed that my children are able to be part of this amazing new family of wonderful people!

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