Sunday, May 23, 2010

Our weekend

Well, its Sunday night and the weekend is over. It certainly was a busy but fun weekend....
On Friday evening I went out with two of my girlfriends to a trivial pursuit evening while hubby stayed home to enjoy a pizza evening with the kiddies. We had a great time but our little team of 3 girls came stone last! We wished we had our husbands with us! Never the less, we were the smallest team, all others comprising of 6 or more people, some up to 15! We did however not walk away empty handed. I won a lavender plant, a car wash voucher and some vouchers for a nearby dance studio. There were the most amazing prizes on offer and next year we plan to take our husbands and do really well!
On Saturday J went to coach at a children's karate competition. He thoroughly enjoyed himself and his teacher wants to send him on a course to learn how to judge karate competitions. He was also approached by one of the moms to coach her son in order to get him ready for grading.
My dad popped in for breakfast on Saturday morning. I was glad that I had some croissants in the freezer as a friend of mine arrived unexpectedly too. We all had a lovely breakfast together. Unfortunately K could not go and paint with my dad as he had a very sick patient in hospital and could be called out at a moments notice.
My kind husband spent most of the day mowing the lawn, getting compost out of our compost heap, and planting my new lavender and granadilla vine. He trimmed the edges and neatened up the whole garden. I love it when the lawn is freshly mowed.
In the afternoon we had a visit from friends who are out on holiday from the UK. We met in church many years ago and have tried to keep up the contact over the years. The last time we saw them, they had one son. They now have three gorgeous boys! She is also a home school mum and we had a great time catching up and chatting. They are hoping to move back to SA. Z enjoyed making new friends.
Saturday evening, a sweet friend came and cooked dinner for us. What a treat, a delicious chicken curry and homemade roti. How good it felt to eat a meal that I didn't prepare myself.
This morning poor hubby was down with a high fever. J was instructed on how to look after him and monitor his temperature and blood sugar. I had to rush K off to get her hair done for a fashion show....

Aunty T came to the rescue with the hair and make up. It was a last minute request that K model today at the bridal show at Zevenwacht Wine Farm. She was only asked late last night as Robyn was only approached late yesterday. Other designers had pulled out of the show. Robyn had to alter dresses for the models who were modelling the bridal dresses. Thankfully K's beautiful bridesmaid dress fits perfectly and nothing had to be done. She just needed to show up and model it. Of course she loved being able to wear this beautiful dress again. (Photos will follow as soon as we get them!)

I spent the afternoon in the kitchen while hubby dozed on and off and the boys played a game of monopoly. I tried a new recipe that got the thumbs up from the family. It was a butternut and pumpkin soup. I made corn bread to go with the soup and a tasty low gi fruit crumble for desert.

I used a jar of homemade pear fruit mince for the filling and it turned out very well! A delicious spicy flavour. (Thank you my sweet sister for sending me that jar of pear fruit mince pie filling!)

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