Monday, May 17, 2010

Captured moments

Today I captured some moments for you....

The little man is making good progress with writing which has been a struggle for him. He loves to practice cursive. I don't believe in reams of untidy handwriting but rather one or two perfect letters.

Two more little people have captured my heart. On the left is "Princess" and on the right is "Pudding"(Obviously not their real names but the nicknames I have given them). They are the daughters of a friend who recently returned from Johannesburg. They visit regularly as they live just up the road and I love their enthusiasm for life. "Pudding "so reminds me of myself as a little one in looks, and she even has a cute lisp as I did at that age. K is practising her skills as a babysitter and she is very patient and kind with these little people. She helps to bath, dress and entertain them.

The Queen of our castle is Katje....the ginger ninja! She can be so loving but also strike out when she is upset for no apparent reason to us humans! Here she is enjoying a snooze in the sunshine. She has the habit of waiting outside for us when we go out, and will appear as if from nowhere on our return. Dare we go away for a weekend and she disappears, causing much concern to the pet sitter! Within hours of our return she will magically reappear.

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