Monday, May 10, 2010

International Postcard Swap

Today we had a great time putting together our postcards that we are sending out for the International Postcard Swap. It took most of the day as we did more than just send a postcard. The children decided there was far too little space on a postcard to say what they wanted to say! We decided each family needed an envelope filled with "all sorts" instead of just the postcard.

The 5 families that we had to send postcards to were from Canada, USA, UK, Australia and Bulgaria....truly all over the globe! We looked on our world map to see where they live and we looked up their flags. We chose our postcards to "fit" each family that we were sending to. Z typed up a short letter about himself to the children in each family and K wrote a personal letter to each family. We added some stickers for the children to each envelope, and K made a colour by number South African Flag to send to each family.

I wrote the postcards and told each family a little about our fabulous home town, including some background info on the picture on the front of their postcard. All the postcards were chosen very carefully to depict something about the Cape. We recommended one of our favourite picture and poetry books as most of the children in the families we wrote to were younger than 8. We still enjoy "A Baobab is Big and other verses from Africa" by Jaqui Taylor.
In keeping with the theme of the morning, while I made a chicken soup for lunch, the children played our Geography Safari Game. It is such fun! You have to find the countries on the world map and answer questions regarding world geography. We continued with our postcards in the afternoon and were happy to get them off to the post office! We eagerly await our postcards!


  1. That looks like alot of fun. I am sure the families will enjoy receiving everything.

  2. Wow! What a wonderful sounding day - I'd have loved to have been able to join in with you :-) And I'm sure the families who receive your packages are going to be so very thrilled.


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