Saturday, May 15, 2010

Greens galore

My little veg garden continues to bring me great pleasure....I love stepping out there to collect fresh healthy greens to add to my meals.

My first green pepper went into a stir fry with some celery, beans, parsley, chilli, spinach and basil all from the garden! It is great to have fresh celery on hand.... it has gone into soup, stir fry and salad in the last week.

Today I tried my hand at Basil pesto. I didn't have pine nuts so used sunflower seeds instead. I blended 4 cups of freshly picked basil with olive oil, lemon juice, garlic and the sunflower seeds.

It made enough to keep a jar, give one away and freeze a little for later use.

Yesterday I found out that one of the stores, near where K does drama, has a great garden section. I couldn't resist the grannadilla vine, some more lettuce seedlings, broad beans and onions, all for a steal!

My Brite Lites are looking good too. I just love their colourful stems and in between, I see carrot or two finally growing! Think I should plant some more!

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