Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Opa's Birthday

The children had great fun yesterday preparing for Opa's birthday celebrations. K busied herself in the kitchen making decadent, rich chocolate brownies.She made a double batch so we could enjoy some too! She added cashew nuts and they were simply delicious!
J printed some "on this day in history" from our bi weekly "Learn the News" for Opa. We knew he would enjoy these facts such as:
On this day one-thousand six- hundred-and-eighty years ago, in 330, the city of Constantinople was created between Europe and Asia. Constantinople was originally called Byzantium and was the capital of the eastern Roman Empire. The city was Europe’s largest and wealthiest from the 5th century right through to the 15th century, although it was ruled by different empires during this time. Today Constantinople is known as Istanbul and it is in the modern country of Turkey
Z had fun creating a cute cat and mouse card made with paint finger prints and woollen tails for the animals. Of course this led to more fun with paint by the littlest member of the family who loves to paint and create all sorts!

In the evening, we were invited to celebrate together at one of our favourite restaurants, Tangos. I enjoyed prawns and everyone else, except K, enjoyed calamari . K had her favourite rib and pepper dew pizza. There were so many prawns that there were plenty go around and I got to taste the calamari and pizza too. We had a great evening, chatting and laughing and fun was had by all!

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