Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Another Fabulous Day...

Today was just so much fun. The morning started with the second piano lesson for the children from Miss P. She is so encouraging and the children have practiced much over the past week so she was happy with their progress.
There was also a flurry of activity here in the early part of the morning as we needed to have our hot water cylinder replaced. We have not had decent hot water since Saturday. It certainly was good to take a long hot shower after trying to wash in kettles of hot water in the bath or a cold shower! Thankfully our insurance covered the replacement and it cost us about a quarter of what it would have otherwise!
After some Zoology, Afrikaans and lunch we went to a fellow home school family's home for an amazing talk by a missionary to Cambodia. She is an ex teacher from a well known private school and she really captured the children's attention.

On entering the home, we had to remove our shoes, as is tradition in Cambodia. It reminded me of our time in Dar es Salaam where it also became a habit for us to do so on entering someones home. A good habit I think!

She taught the children about the Khmer language and showed them how to write in Khmer. The language sounded very beautiful to me. She sang for us and also taught the children a game that is played in Cambodia.

Believe it or not, that says Pauline!

We were told about the incredible poverty there and how children as young as four are sent off to work, collecting recycling items from the rubbish dumps. They then sell them and make a pittance for doing so. I could not imagine my sweet four year old God daughter having to do such a thing. We certainly do live in a very privileged society. We thoroughly enjoyed learning more about Cambodia.

On the way home, I happened to pass by a factory shop that never seems to be open when I pass it....

Today it was, and I had got a load of delicious Ina Paarmans products at fantastic prices! I got salad dressings, marinades, pasta sauces, sundried tomatoes, herbs and spices, curry powder, spur sauce .... I could not wait for dinner tonight so I could enjoy one of the new salad dressings. Some of the goods have damaged packaging and some are past their sell by date. The reductions in price are really good. I will be sure to stop by there again, once a month I think!

When we came home, we did some Konos. I have known for a long time that we need to focus on "Honour". We started yesterday and are loving being back on Konos. I felt particularly inspired after having been to a Konos meeting last night. We are learning the attributes of God.

The children started making an "attribute tree" today. On it they will hang symbols of the attributes of God. The first one was hung today: a circle representing that God is eternal....He has no beginning and no end.

We ended the day with a trip to the gym. Z had great fun at the kids club while the older two enjoyed the treadmill and stationary bikes. I enjoyed a Palates class. Now its time to join hubby for one of the programmes we enjoy on TV. A fabulous day!

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  1. What a fascinating talk that must have been. Would have loved to hear it. Always love to listen to missionaries and their stories of living aboard and sharing the gospel.


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