Thursday, May 20, 2010

Cattail Nature Study

So here it is a few busy days later....the outdoor hour nature study on Cattails. We set off on foot to the wetland area just behind my friends home. We were loaded with snacks, art supplies and blankets to sit on. The weather was just perfect for an Autumn afternoon in the sun.

A Butcher Bird perches above a splendid display of Autumn colour.
This is a place we have visited regularly over the years with my friend and her children but today it took on a new beauty as we had come with a purpose: nature study of the Cattails which grow in abundance along the waters edge here.

We settled on the lush green grass and I read to the children from the Handbook of Nature Study. We spent time examining the leaves and flower of the Cattails. Sadly they are brown and not in bloom at the moment but we enjoyed looking at the leaves in detail and the children produced some lovely art work for their Nature Journals.

We have promised to return at the end of the year to see the flowers in bloom.

Little Maggie needed a nap while we did our journaling.
Z had great fun exploring the banks of the stream that was rushing by close to where we sat. I cautioned him not to go to near to the edge as it was rather a drop down to the cold water. Suddenly there were screams of "Help, Help" and the poor boy was nowhere in site! He was hanging onto fist fulls of grass on the river bank and was drenched up to his waist! The girls rushed to pull him out and I had to do the final pulling out as K collapsed in fits of laughter and had lost her strength!

Thankfully my friends house was not too far off and we could get him under a warm shower quickly!

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