Saturday, June 9, 2012

Cultural Exchange... parcel from Catalunya

Would you believe it, another parcel arrived this week from a family exchanging with us in the 
 This time from Catalunya, an autonomous region of Spain, with it's own language, culture and traditions. 
I know we are going to have great fun discovering their very interesting history and more!

Along with a letter introducing the family and explaining their most important festival, we received the following:
poster depicting human towers made during their festival,
a colouring page depicting some of the characters in the festival,
sunflower seeds to plant,
sea shells from the Mediterranean,
home made olive oil soap,
a pink wall lizard toy,
Catalan Flag,
a counting puzzle in Spanish,
assortment of sweets made in Spain, 
shared and enjoyed!

We are so excited to learn from this family and thank them for their interesting parcel.

Culture Swapper

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  1. That human tower just amazes me!
    Thanks for sharing x


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