Monday, June 4, 2012

Last of May and into June Joy Dare Gifts

Last of May
Day 29
(a gift at 8h00, 12h00, 20h00)
552) @08h00, hugs from my sleepy boy on a cold winter's morning
553) @12h00 a happy baby waking after a nap
554) @20h00 wonderful family time and dinner at my in laws with relatives who are visiting from Holland 

Day 30
(3 gifts blue)
556) jeans my youngest wore today,
557) the blue jersey he wore,
558) and the smart blue shirt among the big bag of clothes he was blessed with from overseas!
559) kids sharing their Dutch Liquorice with me...yum!
560) leftovers from last night so kindly given to us and enjoyed for dinner after the busy day today

Day 31
561) my daughter and her baby cousin playing & laughing happily together early this morning
562) 3 different friends who popped by and encouraged me when I was finding things difficult
563) reading Ann Voskamp's writings...good for me

564) hubby starting a new job today after 18 months of unemployment
565) encouraging messages

566) perfect morning walk in this beautiful place... lifting my spirits

567) eating the best savoury muffins that my sweet friend brought over to fill hungry tums after our walk

Day 2
(3 gifts funny)
568) laughing hard over breakfast with a friend
569) 3 teens in the car, chattering away and laughing
570) friends coming over and bringing dinner....good fun, good laughs, good times

Day 3
(3 gift's from today's conversations)
571) conversations with my mum...always a gift
572) conversations and encouragement from a dear old friend
573) laughter and cheer in a conversation with my brother

Day 4
(3 gifts found in Christ)
574) never ending grace
575) forgiveness and the ability to forgive
576) beautiful friends who are in Him
& more my own
577) receiving another wonderful cultural exchange package today,
filled with surprises and new learning experiences
578) heart to heart with my almost 17 year old son...where did the time go?


  1. Family visiting from Holland is an amazing gift! How wonderful! Leftovers are so great on busy days. Congratulations on your hubby starting a new job... that is awesome! Those muffins look delicious. Never ending grace. YES!!

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