Saturday, June 9, 2012

Cultural Exchange - a parcel from Indiana USA!

More excitement this week with a great parcel arriving from Indiana USA! 
It is such fun to be part of the Worldwide Culture Swap and learn more about different cultures, one exciting parcel after another!

We received a letter from the exchange family with some lovely photos of themselves and their home, plenty of information on Indiana, and some interesting items collected from their travels to several other states.
The following items were also in the parcel:
beautiful postcards
instructions on how to make a Native American Feather Headband
some corn meal along with a recipe for corn bread 
Uncle Sam mask
mini American Flag, coins & tattoos
American pencil and windmill toy
a shopping bag from Meijer (our surname!)
and some delicious peanut butter cup chocolates...enjoyed immediately!

We are going to have great fun immersing ourselves in their culture and enjoying discovering more about Indiana!

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  1. How sweet of the family to send you a bag from a store named after you! I know very little about Indiana but a friend of mine said that it is really worth a visit and the people are lovely :)

  2. Yes, we loved that bag, such a thoughtful idea!


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