Sunday, June 3, 2012

Cultural Exchange - second parcel arrives!

On Monday last week, I just had a feeling there would be a package waiting for us on return from our school outing. With great delight, we received 3 packages that day! 
One was a prize of tasty jams that I had won, another a gift for my daughter from a friend in the UK and the third our second cultural exchange pack!

There was much excitement as we unpacked our package from Canada.

In the pack we received the following:
Canadian Flag
Canadian money
Canadian puzzle map
Maple sugar...yum!
Maple Syrup candy
Canada stickers
Canada pen and notebook
Inuit games pamphlet
Brochures and a DVD

The maple sugar was gobbled up immediately and the map puzzle was done. Our youngest was delighted to discover Melville Island in the north - my maiden name is Melvill. 
Next week we look forward to spending some time discovering the wealth of information on the DVD, playing some Inuit games and learning all about Canada. 

Culture Swapper

We are thankful to kind family who sent us such a great package!


  1. oh i love Canada, the people are generous as shown above...and well nothing beats real maple syrup....

  2. That puzzle map looks really fun and since seeing this I have started to send a CD too :)


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