Monday, June 25, 2012

June's Joy Dare week 4

Blessings that I am thankful for....

Day 19
(3 gifts you became today in serving)
only by His grace:
625) patient when feeling impatient and tired
627) humble when needing to admit my shortcomings and make apologies
628) kind when I quietly did their chores that had not been done
& more my own
629) my neighbour coming over for a chat and bringing a delicious cuppachino for me to enjoy
630)  pancakes made by my daughter at lunchtime....
sitting with my 3 kids in the garden and watching them enjoy the sweet lunchtime treat
631) my uncle calling for a chat, good to catch up
632) an old friend making a special trip to visit and bearing delicious tea time treats...
enjoyed catching up out on the lawn in the mild winter sunshine

day 20
(a gift bent, beautiful, loved)
633) bent...a wire heart hanging in my kitchen ... a gift from my sweet sister that reminds me of her daily
634) beautiful....peacefully sleeping baby, looking so angelic
635) loved....hugs when hubby got home from work

day 21
(2 gifts found in light)
636) lightness that comes with forgiveness
637) light at the end of the tunnel...
2 days of school left before we have holidays for 3 weeks
& more my own
638) thankful for my daughter's help in the kitchen today and delicious lemon pudding she baked
639) thankful for time spent with my youngest: reading aloud chapter after chapter and having a good laugh together
640) thankful for a call from my happy sister this evening

day 22
641) thankful for some extra sleep after very early waking when hubby left for work
642) thankful to be able to treat my kiddies to a special breakfast on break up day
643) thankful for getting to the end of where we needed to be with school work for now...
and the fun we had along the way
644) thankful for winning a book prize today
645) thankful for a delightful parcel from the UK that arrived today and brightened our day

day 23
(gifts for Saturday)
646) enjoying a quiet morning of solitude while the rest of the family is out
647) a nap alongside my daughter this afternoon after her morning of volunteer work
648) thankful our teen son's friends feel welcome and relaxed in our home
649) hubby doing it again - cooking for the gang and giving me a night off
650) girls home movie, quietly snuggled under the blankets and enjoyed with my daughter while the guys play x box and make lots of noise!

day 24
(a gift in water, in words, in white)
651) water - rain glorious rain today!
652) words - my sweet sisters both calling me today for a chat
653) white- all warm and cosy in my white gown
& my own
654) time with hubby
655) full house and fun at breakfast time,13 in total, delicious egg and bacon baked in muffin pans and triple batch of crumpets with cinnamon sugar and freshly squeezed lemon juice, topped off with good coffee

day 25
my own
656) a later than normal lie in for a Monday holidays, bliss
657) coupons and samples in the mail today
658) blessings of half a pocket each of potatoes, butternuts, onions and carrots from my sweet sister in law
659) watching my sweet baby nephew toddling around my veg garden and trying snow peas just off the vine...the faces he pulled and the spitting out ...too funny and too cute!
660) all my children home tonight...just feels right.


  1. Hello, Wendy! 'Lightness that comes with forgiveness' - yes! Your garden sounds wonderful :)

  2. So good to be a part of the things that you are thankful for. Love you. xxx


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