Saturday, June 23, 2012

Cultural Exchange - another exciting parcel!

Who doesn't just love receiving a surprise package in the post!
 Our last day of term got off to a great start with another Cultural Exchange pack arriving. We love being part of this fun Worldwide Culture Swap and will continue to sign up as we finish each swap we take part in.
If you are keen to become a culture swapper but are concerned about international postage costs, you can also take part in an individual swap instead of the normal swap with four other families. It is a great way to learn about the world and other cultures.

This delightful pack came from a family in England. They live in a beautiful seaside town called Folkstone.
In the pack there were some photos of the family, the area they live in and places they love to visit.
Letters from the children and a history of their area helped us learn so much more about them and we love this personal touch to the pack.
We loved the beautiful stamp on the pack depicting the Queen too!

We received a Kentish recipe book and they marked their favourite recipe which we will certainly try out, as well as all the others too! Lots of fun in the kitchen coming up!

No pack from the UK would be complete without some beautiful pictures of the Royal family.
They included Union Jack party blowers, balloons, bunting and paper chains as well as a pin-wheel to make and invitations to hold our very own Jubilee picnic!
Oh...I forgot to mention more delicious recipes for this special Jubilee picnic or tea party we will have!

We will be thinking of this special family on 18th July when they cheer and wave as they watch the Olympic Torch coming through their town!
The medals added a lovely touch to the pack!

And there was more...
Sticks of rock candy with their town's name running through the middle
Pencils for the kids
a piece of chalk from the White Cliffs of Dover!

We look forward to enjoying their recipes and culture as we learn so much more! 
Thank you lovely family from England!

Culture Swapper


  1. Oh this is my home county too!!!
    Sending a piece of Dover chalk is genius.

    Thanks for sharing with us via the Culture Swapper link up. You've supported so much that I've added you as a sponsor on our site. For the moment I've just added your text logo but if you have a badge feel free to send it and I'll add it.

    Rachael x

  2. Thanks Rachael, we so enjoy being Culture swappers! I don't have a badge but will try and figure that out and send it.


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