Friday, June 22, 2012

From the kitchen

We have had a little fun in the kitchen recently.
I love trying out new recipes and our local fresh fruit and veg market has some amazing weekly specials.
 I try to get down there and take advantage. 
Recently I bought a pocket of onions and so it was time to make some onion marmalade!

It turned out really well and my eldest has decided I should produce it in bulk so he can eat jars at a time.
We jazzed up the "normal" cheese and tomato with fresh rocket and basil from the garden and dollops of onion marmalade!

Peppers were surprisingly inexpensive and I made some marinated pickled peppers.
 They will be ready to try in a day or so. 
We picked our first broccoli from the garden today,
 and I hope to make a broccoli salad over the weekend. 
We have been enjoying the abundance of fresh oranges : orange juice, orange cake (courtesy of  my daughter), butternut and orange soup, and oranges for those in between times when the kids are 
constantly hungry.
The kids harvested lemons at their Oma over the weekend and we have been eyeing out a number of lemon recipes to try. Besides pancakes with cinnamon sugar and freshly squeezed lemon juice, my daughter baked an interesting lemon desert . It is a cake with a sticky and delicious lemon sauce underneath.
Perfect to end off a winter meal!


  1. Yummy... I love onion marmalade, and it's my birthday in six months time.

    Oooh, lemons! Have you ever tried Moroccan lemon preserve. I love it with a tasty meat stew. Remember Aunty Anne-Marie's lemon curd, and making 'lemonade' from the tree in Dalziel road. Wrinkly lemons always remind me of our childhood.

  2. you should try lemon curd, it is delicious on toast and tastes like lemon meringue, my favourite recipe when I have lots of lemons

  3. Cath, consider it a deal, onion marmalade for your birthday :) Remind me if I forget!
    Forgot we even had a lemon tree in Dalziel Rd!
    Mel, lemon curd will be made this week and perhaps Moroccan lemon preserve too!

  4. That onion marmalade looks delicious! Tori made a lovely cake this week with a lemon curd (homemade of course) filling. It was the tastiest cake I have ever had. I have a very easy lemon curd recipe if you want - email me. Also - could you please post your broccoli salad recipe on your blog? It is still one of my 'Wendy Favorites!'

  5. Shirl, it is delicious! Will mail you re that lemon curd and cake recipe! Will certainly post the broccoli recipe :)

  6. your onion marmalade makes my mouth water...we always made a lemon cordial with out lemons..and saved it for summer...i think i am heading to the kitchen...;)

  7. Glad to have inspired you Jenni!


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