Monday, June 18, 2012

June's Joy Dare week 3

Thanking Him in the midst of this busy and full life...

Day 12
(3 gifts full)
602) oven full of delicious goodies baked by my daughter
603) full tummies after delicious chicken soup for dinner
604) full night's sleep giving me strength for the new day

Day 13
(3 gifts smelled)
605) clean and fresh scent of washing that dried in today's sun
606) sweet smelling clean baby after bath time...
babysitting tonight so his mum and dad could have an evening out
607) delicious spicy aroma of mince curry at dinner

Day 14
(a gift unexpected, unwanted)
608) totally unexpected- winning a yuppiechef voucher yesterday for my original twist on a recipe!
609) clothes unwanted by another, happily worn and enjoyed by my daughter and I

Day 15
610) an understanding friend's listening ear
611) seeing my boy enjoy his science club and having fun with friends
612) my daughter's help with her baby cousin

Day 16
613) hubby's care when I was not feeling well

Day 17
(3 gifts in your dad)
614) his understanding and gentleness
615) his crazy sense of humour and hearty laugh
616) his amazing story telling that has given me a storehouse full of memories from my childhood
& more my own
617) conversations with far away family today, my sisters and mum
618) delicious orange and poppy seed cake made by my daughter, 
and enjoyed at my in laws for Father's Day tea time

Day 18
(3 gifts from your heavenly father)
619) His strength, not mine
620) His mercies, new every morning
621) His "unimaginable grace"
& more my own
622) a pot of hearty veg soup that turned out really well...
even two of mine who are not soup lovers ate seconds!
623) coal for the fire given by my kind neighbour.... warming the lounge tonight
624) unexpectedly seeing a friend today

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