Sunday, June 17, 2012

My Winter Garden

I have been enjoying watching the garden over the last couple of weeks. 
Despite the cooler weather we have lots to look forward to...

The cabbage and broccoli are doing well and we have been enjoying the kale. I didn't realise the great health benefits of this amazing plant until I decided to do a little research. 
The sweet leaves add pleasant flavours to soups and stews and I look forward to trying some new recipes with kale.

The Bright Lights Spinach/ Chard is picked almost daily. 
Handfuls are finely chopped and added to salads, stews, soups, curry or anything going! 
Most recently we have been adding it to home baked breads and muffins.
Fresh peas are picked every couple of days...I need to plant way more next year! 
They are picked and given to our youngest who does not fancy peas any other way, 
except fresh from the garden. 
Tomatoes are everywhere, little yellow blossoms and even a few green tomatoes already. 

Mustard greens are finding their way into salads and are specially delicious on burgers!
I have been harvesting a number of green peppers and was delighted to find a red one on the same bush.
There are a few green granadillas on the vine and soon we will be gobbling gooseberries...
they are everywhere. Perhaps we may have enough this year to try some gooseberry jam.


  1. Ooh, I am green with envy. Your garden looks so lush and up here we are mostly dead and frosted. Well done, it's looking lovely. xxx

  2. Thanks Cath, we blessed to get no frost. I am green with envy regarding your milk, cheese and yoghurt!

  3. Looking so good Wendy. Tomato in winter? God is certainly blessing your garden :)


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